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Welcome to our Network

Our services run a little different over the holidays; here are the details.

Sun 24th-Tues 26th December - no service

Weds 27th-Fri 29th December- Saturday service except as follows:

  Service 78/79 and 200 - Normal service
  Service 42/44 - Saturday service with the following changes:-
   1505 Bedford to Flitwick will extend to Toddington
   1618 Toddington to Bedford will operate
   1615 Flitwick to Bedford will not operate
   1635 Bedford to Flitwick will extend to Dunstable
   1740 Bedford to  Clophill will extend to Flitwick

Sat 30th December - normal service
Sun 31st December- no service
Mon 1st January- no service apart from special service on CX.
Tues 2nd January- normal service


Grant Palmer Limited is an ambitious, family owned business established in 1999. From small beginnnings, the business has grown to run a fleet of 33 buses on a network of local bus services and bespoke contracts, serving the communities of Bedfordshire.


Our team of 50 drivers, 5 engineers and 4 cleaners is hand picked to ensure we can provide a friendly, approachable, but dependable service for all our customers.  Keeping it local, and in the family, is one of the keys to our success.




Our principle bus services are the busy 42 and 44 routes, linking Toddington, Flitwick, Ampthill and Bedford, and the 74, linking Bedford with Biggleswade.  We also provide a network of essential rural services connecting the villages of Central Bedfordshire and Bedford Borough, and the popular route C on the Luton and Dunstable Busway. 


Local authorities and businesses like us too; we provide contract services for both Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire Councils, student transport services for University of Bedfordshire, and guest and staff transport services for Centerparcs Woburn Forest.


Our CX service runs 6 days a week, from 5am until 7.30pm, every 30 minutes.  CX provides an EXPRESS BUSWAY service like no other, direct from Luton Interchange to White Lion and the Retail Park, where you can alight for Amazon, Superdrug, and dozens of other big employment sites.  At key times, the bus diverts to the Amazon LTN4/Logistics site for added convenience.  Off peak, its ideal too for shopping; it stops right outside the Retail Park and Sainsburys.


CX is special; it does it door to door in under 10 minutes.  And home again direct too - you won't have to sit in Dunstable traffic again, so you get more time at home, more time with your family, more time to yourself.


And with great fare deals for Amazon staff, and a Discount Card for everyone else, we think its great.  In fact, quite CXy.


Our success can be measured in numbers. 


In 2015 we invested over £150,000 in buses, and nearly £100,000 in a CCTV system, followed up last year with a £250,000 investment in routes 42 and 44.  Our local bus fleet is now fully accessible.  For 2017, two further new buses have been received for service improvements. 


Passenger numbers in 2015 across our business were up 5% compared to the year before, and in 2016 we pushed that growth to 18%.  On some routes within Bedford Borough we have seen passenger growth of nearly 30%.  Our Flitwick - Ampthill - Bedford network is carrying 15% more passengers than it did a year ago.


We work closely with all our partners; the local councils, Bus Users UK, Bedford Bus Users and our corporate customers; to deliver on expectations all the time. 


We work with developers to provide the essential transport services for residential and employment areas alike; we are always keen to build new partnerships and services.


And above all, we work with our staff to deliver that dependability that is so essential for a bus service, listening to their views, improving communication and the quality of our service.


If you think Grant Palmer has something to offer you, please do get in touch.  Right away on 01525 719 719


We believe that good public transport requires good partnerships, so we are putting an emphasis on those, and delivering a stable and dependable network.


Connecting with local train services is part of that, and we do it at a number of busy local stations, including Luton, Flitwick and Bedford.  From there you can access both Thameslink and East Midlands Trains services to London, Leicester and the North. 


We are concerned about the proposal to withdraw InterCity train services at Luton and Bedford.  The Department for Transport want your views, so click here for more information, and to find out how to let them know what you think.


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